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Africa YES! 

Ethical sourcing is important to us and we are committed to supporting our local farmers in Africa.

Striving to be one of the best third wave coffee brands in Toronto, we use the best African arabica beans for our specialty coffee blends and carefully sourced tea leaves from local farmers in Kericho, Kenya.

Meet Our Founder

It was love at first sip for our founder, Edill, when she first tasted tea at 7 months. Throughout her childhood, she would always insist on having the last sips of her father’s double-double. Edill’s love for coffee and tea would eventually lead her to launch Royaltea Coffee in August 2019 and spotlight the richness of Africa in a cup.Royaltea Coffee specializes in a variety of in-house roasted coffee and artisan loose leaf teas grown from African soil. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our passion for rich-tasting coffee and teas.

I'm Edill


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